Solar Energy Concentration: Advanced (non-imaging) Optics and its application to CSP and IPH


The course will discuss several topics of R&D being developed at the Renewable Energies Chair of the University of Évora and is structured around Solar Energy Concertation for present day applications, including dispatchable solar thermal electricity, industrial process heat and other special ones like solar cooking. It will have theoretical and experimental classes, covering the following topics:
1. Solar resource measurement, analysis and performance prediction (now casting, forecasting, long term);
2. Soiling and its impact on performance of solar systems;
3. Optics for solar concentration;
 3.1 Introduction;
 3.2 Non-Imaging Optics and the limits for concentration;
 3.3 IPH – and CSP (Thermoelectricity);
 3.4 Beyond 600ºC – solar fuels and others;
 3.5 Thermal energy storage and dispatchability;
4. Solar cooking;
 4.1 Solar energy and poverty alleviation;
 4.2 Solar cookers with advanced optics;
 4.3 Cooking with the sun (a solar lunch);
5.PV versus CSP: complementarity, present and future penetration.

Coordinator and trainer(s)

Coordinators: Manuel Collares Pereira.

Trainers: Hugo Gonçalves Silva, Diogo Canavarro, Tiago Osório, Luís Fialho, Ricardo Conceição, Thomas Fasquelle.

Manuel Collares-Pereira – Ph.D. Physics in Non Imaging Optics (University of Chicago) , Chairman of the Renewable Energies Chair. Author of many papers in Non-Imaging Optics, applied to Solar Energy Concentration for heating and cooling, industrial process heat, solar electricity production and other applications as in water treatment, solar cooking and solar drying. Author also of many contributions to solar radiation statistics and solar systems modelling.

Hugo Silva – Principal Researcher Invited the Renewable Energies Chair, responsible for the Solar Platform of Molten Salts and professor of Solar Technologies (Thermal and Photovoltaic) at University of Évora. Doctor on Condensed Matter at University of Porto.

Diogo Canavarro – MSc in Physics Engineering (IST) and PhD. in Physics (UEvora). Today, he is an auxiliary researcher at Renewable Energies Chair (UEvora) working mainly in solar concentrating optics. He also teaches the course of Solar Concentration Technologies (Master course of Solar Energy) at UEvora.

Tiago Osório – Research Assistant at the Renewable Energy Chair (CER); Master in Engineering Physics by IST/UTL; Experience in solar collectors testing and certification at LNEG; Member of the IEC/TC117 - Solar Thermal Electric Plants (IEP) and CT54 - Colectores Solares (IPQ). It is currently involved in the development of new solar collectors and in the use of solar energy for industrial process heat.

Luis Fialho – Research Assistant in the Renewable Energies Chair - University of Évora; Mechatronics Engineer (UEvora); Previous engineering work experience in two multinational companies. Teacher of the photovoltaic solar energy disciplines (UEvora).

Ricardo Conceição – PhD grant by FCT. Master in Mechatronic Engineering (UEvora); PhD (ongoing) in Mechatronic Engineering and Energy. Participation in European projects: MASLOWATEN and INSHIP. Working experience at TE Connectivity.

Thomas Fasquelle – Dr.Thomas Fasquelle did his Ph.D. in PROMES-CNRS, a laboratory in France. He is a specialist in thermal energy storage for concentrated solar power plants. He is currently doing his postdoc in the University of Évora on the use of molten salts as heat transfer fluid in parabolic trough power plants.

Responsible Unit | Institute for Advanced Studies and Research - IIFA | Renewable Energies Chair

Who can apply

Undergraduate and graduate students.

Maximum number of students

25 students

Course Requirements

Command of the English language

Personal computer required.


50€ (including - student insurance)

• One meal included (lunch) - 70€
• Two meals included (lunch and diner): 90€
• Meals and acommodation included: 150€


Official Certificate of Participation.


Manuel Collares Pereira (

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  • When: 1 to 5 July
  • Duration: 40hours | 5 days
  • Language: English
  • Venue: Colégio Espírito Santo and Experimental Farmstead Mitra
  • Registration Deadline: June 24
  • 50€
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