A Summer School for each one.

International Students

For international students Uévora Summer School is an opportunity to expand knowledge and acquire new skills and competencies in several areas, discovering, simultaneously, the culture and the history of Portugal while contacting with one of the most spoken languages in the world. About one thousand students from more than seventy different nationalities cross each year at the University of Évora, which offers a unique multicultural environment.

High school students

For portuguese high school students the challenge is to participate in the UÉvora Junior Summer School which offers an unique opportunity to discover what it’s like to be at the University as well as to live in the city of Évora. Between 1 and 5 July, we propose you to experience the life of undergraduate students. Start drawing your future. It starts now. Check the Regulation of Uévora Júnior Summer School here.

For undergraduate and graduate students, professionals and general public

For undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, advanced courses in several scientific areas are available. This courses are designed in order to promote new competencies, providing, simultaneosly, networking opportunities, leading to a creative and innovative working environment. For the general public, it provides access to training in various areas of knowledge.