The European Union sitting at the table: gastronomy, identity and culture


Working the motto of the European Union "UNITED IN DIVERSITY" through the specific cuisine of the member states and partner countries. The countries of origin of the students enrolled in the course will be considered.

Unit 1 (4 hours) - to know the main cultural differences of the countries of origin of the participants, especially the importance of gastronomy and all the socialization associated with the meal

Unit 2 (4 hours) - choice of representative meals and respective recipes

Unit 3 (4 hours) - preparation of the selected recipes and tasting (if possible) with photographic session of the dishes

Unit 4 (4 hours) - construction of the bilingual cookbook (Portuguese + language of the country of origin of the recipe)

Coordinator and trainer(s)

Elsa Cristina Neves Januário Vaz, Professor responsible of the CDE of the University of Évora and professor at the Dep. of Economics, University of Évora

Rosalina Pisco Costa, Professor at the Dep. of Sociology and Researcher at CICS.NOVA.UÉvora, University of Évora

María Suárez Gómez, Pos-Doc Researcher at CICS.NOVA.UÉvora, University of Évora

Responsible Unit | School of Social Sciences, Department of Economics | Center of European Documentation Of University of Évora

Who can apply

Participants must be currently registered full-time undergraduate or post-graduate students of higher edication institutions, regardless of country or region, with a good command of the english language.

Maximum number of students

15 students

Course Requirements

Command of the English language


40€ (including - student insurance)
• One meal included (lunch) - 55€
• Two meals included (lunch and diner): 70€
• Meals and acommodation included: 120€
For registrations in more than one course, you will only pay the basic fee. Accomodation and meals costs are charged only once, according to the duration of the longer option of course you are registered in.


Official Certificate of Participation.


Elsa Vaz (

• Full calendar here

  • When: 24 to 27 of June
  • Duration: 16hours | 4 days
  • Language: English
  • Venue: Colégio Espírito Santo - Room 106 and 119
  • Registration Deadline: June 14
  • 40€
  • Apply now