City and Heritage: Memory, Identity and Conservation


The goal of the course is to raise the awareness of a diversified public to the relevance of heritage, heritage conservation and cultural identity  in a city such as Évora and in a region such as Alentejo. It will have the duration of five days and consists of tours through the city of Évora, with stops at points recognized as heritage and identity. The aim is, from the case of Évora and its region, to understand the city as a place formed by layers of memories represented by spaces, buildings and social and cultural activities that have been preserved over time, even which dynamically, this is with changes. The purpose is to know the different heritage values that constitute the memory of a city and contribute to the formation of its identity, as well as to alert to the need for its conservation and valorization. It will cover different perspectives of the city, from Archeology, Architecture, Visual Arts and Design, History of Art, Landscape and Theater. The objective is to demonstrate that the different areas of knowledge that work with these concepts can be articulated in an integrated approach, showing that the preservation of an identity implies the preservation of a heritage. The participants have to go prepared to make a record (writing, drawing, audio, photographic, digital, mixed, two-dimensional or three-dimensional, among others) of the course which should reflect a personal and acquired experience.

Day 1 - Hight part of the city: from Roman Temple to S. Miguel patio.
Day 2 - Malagueira, Aqueduct and Almendres Cromlech
Day 3 - Sertório square, Joaquim António Aguiar square; Geraldo square, Misericórdia square, Portas de Moura square and University.
Day 4 - Roman Village in Pisões and Conventinho in Valverde
Day 5 - (10h - 13h) – Public Garden and São Francisco Church, São Brás square and train station. (14h 30m - 17h 30m) – Presentation and discussion of all participant´s research

Coordinator and trainer(s)

Paulo Alexandre Rodrigues Simões Rodrigues professor of Art History of the University of Évora and rechearcher of CHAIA, University of Évora.
Rute Sousa Matos professor at Department of Landscape, Environment and Planning of School of Sciences and Tecnology of University of Évora.

Responsible Unit | Institute for Advanced Studies and Research - IIFA | Center of Art History and Artistic Research - CHAIA

Who can apply

Public in general

Maximum number of students

20 vagas


Fee: 50€ (including - student insurance)
• One meal included (lunch) - 70€
• Two meals included (lunch and dinner) - 90€
• Meals and acommodation included - 150€


Official Certificate of Participation.


Paulo Rodrigues (

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  • When: 24 to 28 of June
  • Duration: 20hours | 5 days
  • Language: English
  • Venue: Colégio Espírito Santo - Room 118
  • Registration Deadline: June 14
  • 50€
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